Advin MammoExpert

MAMMOEXPERT uses innovative tomosynthesis technologies, allowing doctors and patients to receive more accurate information thanks to an improved algorithm for early detection of malignant neoplasms.

Unique features

High Quality Post-processing
Unique Tomosynthesis Mechanism
High-performance Tube
Seamless Ergonomics
Screening/Diagnostics Optimization
MAMMOEXPERT Software Interface

Technical Specifications

MammoExpert Advantages
Clear and detailed image without noise and a wide spatial resolution. High quantum detector performance and high quality mammographic image post-processing contribute to the most accurate diagnosis.
Highly-detailed 3D Image
Unique tomosynthesis motion mechanism and X-ray tube with wide travel angle contribute to the generation of detailed 3d images. Plane high resolution and reconstruction image algorithm efficiency combine all the acquired images to produce the most accurate 3d imagery.
Error-free Diagnostics
High capture speed and seamless ergonomics contribute to the overall user convenience. Intuitive hardware control by the "MAMMOEXPERT" software gui and the optimization of breast screening/diagnostic procedures contribute to increased productivity.
Reduced Radiation
High-performance tube and generator as well as the intelligent automatic exposure control controlled by a set of optimized exposure settings reduce the dose load for the patient.
Advanced Diagnostics
MammoExpert supports Stereotactic breast biopsy and an Improved procedure for dual energy acquisition.
Heavy-duty Design
Intelligent automatic exposure control during mammography, High DQE and MTF, which can significantly reduce the dose load on the patient and maintain excellent diagnostic image quality.
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