TMA MediStation: The Future of Health Checkups

Step into the Future of Health with Telemedicine

eHealth Management System

This Ai-powered Medical Kiosk serves as a digital hospital for remote, rural, and underserved communities. This booth is equipped with State-Of-The-Art remote assessment gadgets, enabling doctors to evaluate patients' physical conditions accurately.

Sleek and Modern

This portable unit fitswell in any setting.


Its split design allows easy transport and setup for different locations.


Versatile design to meet various customer needs.


Translucent glass door provides privacy while allowing natural light.

Telemedicine Health
Checkup Solution

Key Features

Secure and Comfortable: Safe and comfortable user experience.
Large Screen: Easy operation with a big, interactive display.
Ergonomic: Convenient measuring area for easy use.
Telemedicine Support: HD camera for clear remote consultations.
Health Metrics: Optional body composition and ECG functions for detailed analysis.
Accessible: Built-in blood pressure meter drawer for quick measurements.

Cutting-edge Functions


Height & Weight Precision: Measures within accuracies of ±0.1 cm/kg.
Body Composition: Helps monitor body muscle mass percentage, contributing to overall health assessments and weight management.
No-Touch Temperature: Accurate forehead measurements with minimal contact.
Blood Pressure Monitoring: Utilizes Raycome 7000 for extensive range testing.
Blood Oxygen Levels: Monitors with high precision 95-99%


Body Fat Measurement: Helps monitor body fat percentage, contributing to overall health assessments and weight management.
Uric Acid Test: Measures uric acid levels in the blood, crucial for diagnosing gout and other metabolic conditions.
Total Cholesterol Test: Determines cholesterol levels, aiding in the assessment of cardiovascular health and risk factors.
Blood Lipids Test: Evaluates lipid levels in the blood, important for managing and preventing heart disease.
Blood Glucose Test: Monitors blood sugar levels, essential for managing diabetes and other endocrine disorders.
TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS is a leading eHealth System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider in the area of Integrated Computer science based eHealth Systems. We provide certified quality management system for every aspect of our activities (products and services). We have been certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS according to international standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485:2016 and proved compliant with the provisions of the Ministerial Order ΔΥ8/1348/2004 regarding the retainment of principles and orders for the suitable distribution of medical and telemedicine products.
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