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Access Your Health Records Anytime, Anywhere with ePokratis Cloud

Empower Your Health with Advanced Ai

ePokratis Welfare is a cutting-edge Personal Health Record (PHR) platform that not only securely stores your health data but also integrates seamlessly with medical devices for comprehensive health monitoring. Access patient-reported outcomes, lab results, and real-time data from devices such as wireless glucometers, SPO2 monitors, blood pressure meters, urine analyzers, weight scales, and spirometers, all through the ePokratis mobile app.

Our platform excels in analyzing each patient’s medical profile, identifying potential health risks, and enhancing treatment protocols by analyzing drug interactions and medical errors. With ePokratis Welfare, gaps in medical care are bridged, ensuring a tailored and efficient healthcare experience.

Take control of your health management - Download the ePokratis app today and step into a new era of personalized healthcare.

Cloud Storage with ePokratis

ePokratis offers secure cloud storage for easy access to health records, eliminating the need for physical documents. Patients can quickly access their health history and essential information, streamlining communication and reducing wait times with real-time document flow between medical staff and patients.

Doctor Appointments Made Easy with ePokratis

Using the ePokratis app or web platform, healthcare providers can monitor any medical condition and respond immediately if vital signs deviate. Continuous communication with physicians is possible through calls or video chats, allowing direct access to medical data for informed decision-making.

Safe, Innovative, Easy-to-use

  • Why ePokratis?

    24/7 Healthcare Access

    Immediate access to doctors and Ai-driven support.


    Minimize expenses with efficient online consultations and Ai-optimized care.

    Continuous Ai Monitoring

    Ideal for managing chronic conditions with Ai that predicts and adapts to your health needs.
  • Key Features

    Unified Health Data

    Seamlessly integrated for a complete view of your health.

    Ai-Enhanced Insights

    Make informed health decisions with the power of Ai analyzing your data.

    Instant Connectivity

    Fast, reliable communication with healthcare providers, reducing wait times.
  • Getting Started with ePokratis:

    Download and Register

    Access our platform through a user-friendly Android app, designed with your security in mind.

    Customize Your Experience

    Adjust your privacy settings and control who has access to your health data to suit your personal needs and preferences.

    Engage and Monitor

    Utilize the app to connect your health devices and start receiving real-time updates and insights on your health status.

Telemedicine for Everyone with ePokratis

Access Your Health Records Anytime, Anywhere with ePokratis Cloud


On the open sea, ePokratis ensures continuous access to medical care for crews and passengers, facilitating health management far from traditional medical facilities.


In factories and work sites, ePokratis provides instant access to medical consultations and emergency care, enhancing worker safety and meeting occupational health standards.


ePokratis integrates with hospital systems to streamline access to medical records and support remote consultations, boosting efficiency and patient outcomes.


ePokratis supports travelers with immediate medical assistance, offering tourists peace of mind regarding their health while abroad.

Municipal Services

Municipalities use ePokratis to enhance public health services, enabling easy access to telemedical consultations and effective health management for residents.


For individuals receiving care at home, ePokratis equips patients and caregivers with essential tools for health monitoring and direct communication with healthcare providers.
TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS is a leading eHealth System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider in the area of Integrated Computer science based eHealth Systems. We provide certified quality management system for every aspect of our activities (products and services). We have been certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS according to international standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485:2016 and proved compliant with the provisions of the Ministerial Order ΔΥ8/1348/2004 regarding the retainment of principles and orders for the suitable distribution of medical and telemedicine products.
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