Doctor TMA: Your 24/7 Medical Call Center

A 24/7 Medical Call Center with 15 medical specialties that reply to the 1st call.

On-board Services: Continuous Healthcare Access

24/7 Availability Across 15 Specialties

From general practitioners to specialists, our medical team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring that you always have access to the care you need without delay.

Comprehensive Medical Records Management

TMA excels in managing and delivering detailed medical reports, screening, and diagnostic services, particularly specializing in personal injury claims. Our thorough and precise documentation supports your health and legal needs efficiently.

Multilingual Support in 12 Languages

Whether you speak Bulgarian, Arabic, Greek, English, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Egyptian, Turkish, German, or French, our multilingual team is here to assist you in your language, making sure that communication is clear and effective.

Off-board Services: Global Medical Coordination

Transport - Evacuate

TMA offers global medical transportation via ground ambulance, supervised flights, air ambulance, or commercial aircraft, based on the patient's needs and location.

Hospital Admission

TMA streamlines hospital admissions, providing quick access to a broad network of medical facilities and specialists across Europe and the Middle East.

Medical Case Management

TMA manages medical treatment, ensuring appropriate care for disabled, ill, or injured individuals worldwide through expert case assessments and planning.

Public Sector Services by Doctor TMA

The DR.TMA Coordinative Medical Center ensures that municipal medical staff can communicate without limits with coordinating physicians for guidance and management of medical incidents. This service offers round-the-clock access for handling EMERGENCY situations, with non-urgent cases being directed to standard business hours.

Onboard Telemedicine with ePokratis

The ePokratis Telemedicine Platform incorporates video conferencing and telemonitoring systems to provide 24/7 medical consultation. This support aims to enhance the safety and comfort of all subscribers' environments.

Quality Healthcare Onboard

ePokratis excels in delivering onboard healthcare, offering preventive monitoring, rehabilitation, and primary care services. The platform is particularly adept at providing remote care for the elderly, managing chronic illnesses, supporting post-surgical recovery, and continuous post-hospital follow-up for users with disabilities.

Accessible Medical Data Online

ePokratis technologies are designed for universal compatibility, operating smoothly on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, or desktop workstations. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures ease of navigation for all user groups within a web environment.

Always Connected: Integrated Healthcare Solutions for Every Setting

On-Line Access to Healthcare
ePokratis provides users with 24/7 access to a medical network, enabling real-time updates to personal medical records from any location. This comprehensive service suite includes rehabilitation, treatment, prescription management, medicine vigilance, teleadvice, telepsychiatry, vital sign evaluation, and telemonitoring, ensuring continuous, comprehensive care.
Security and Location Services
The ePokratis mobile app enhances user security with its GPS functionality, allowing precise location tracking. This feature ensures that the user’s location is shared with the coordinating physician or medical call center for timely and effective incident management.
Video Consultation Capabilities
Users can engage in emergency video or voice consultations through the ePokratis app, directly connecting with medical personnel. The service adapts to various needs with flexible call options based on the subscription type, with the ability to add more calls for a surcharge
Medical Evacuation Options
In critical situations, users can opt for medical evacuation after initial consultation via the call center. This service, available for an additional fee, provides options for transportation such as high-speed craft, ambulance, or other suitable means to ensure rapid hospital care.
TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS is a leading eHealth System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider in the area of Integrated Computer science based eHealth Systems. We provide certified quality management system for every aspect of our activities (products and services). We have been certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS according to international standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485:2016 and proved compliant with the provisions of the Ministerial Order ΔΥ8/1348/2004 regarding the retainment of principles and orders for the suitable distribution of medical and telemedicine products.
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