Advin MammoScan

MAMMOSCAN is the only scanning mammography system capable of performing a stereotactic biopsy procedure.

Unique features

Reliable Breast Cancer Detection
Advanced Scanning Technology
Tungsten Anode
Automated Examination Process
Low Environmental Sensitivity
Fully Integrated Solution

Technical Specifications

Reliable Breast Cancer Detection
With a 27 µm diagnostic solution, the MammoScan digital mammograph provides improved breast imaging, creating conditions for more reliable detection of tumors and micro-abnormalities. The spatial resolution of 20 line pairs/mm provides additional diagnostic capabilities compared to other digital mammography systems available on the market.
Reduced Dose Load
MammoScan implements a patented narrow beam X-ray scanning technology, which effectively eliminates scattered radiation, which leads to a reduction in radiation exposure and improves overall image contrast.
NO ‘non-functional’ pixels
The MammoScan tumor scanner uses the TDI (“delayed accumulation”) operating principle, which eliminates non-functional pixels and provides excellent image quality at a minimum dose. During scanning, each object appears more than a hundred times, thus providing a representation of the image.
Automated Examination Process
Isocentric rotation motorized movements combined with customizable presets of the inspection and diagnostic process significantly reduce examination time. Positioning control panels, accessible from all sides of the device, including the top of the device, make lateral positioning more convenient. The automatic decompression function releases the patient’s chest immediately after exposure for added comfort.
Automatic Exposure Control
MammoScan is equipped with a fully automatic exposure control system (AES) that is sensitive to the structure of the mammary gland. This ensures that the correct mode of operation of the transmitter is selected, which leads to high image quality at extremely low dose load.
Fully Integrated Solution
MammoScan can be supplied as a complete diagnostic system, including a diagnostic workstation, a PACS server, a NAS storage device, a dry-print medical printer and CAD software. With this configuration, MAMMOSCAN can be used in any clinic or radiology center as a stand-alone diagnostic device with full capabilities.
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